Together we will co-create a life by your design. You're the pilot, I'm the co-pilot. While working through the structure of a project we will get into the nitty gritty delicious muck that keeps us from moving forward. We will look to the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  Together we clear that muck and cross the abyss with sustainable tools to give you a once-and for-all life changing experience.     



Organizational Coaching

My organizational coaching program builds leadership and ownership within the team dynamic. I specialize in working with organizations through transitions. Whether that is supporting Maternity/Paternity leave, company/individual growth, new management, or integrating contract employees, my program creates a smooth transition from beginning - middle - end.

1:1 Coaching for Individuals

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Group Coaching for Moms  

About Hillary

I have a mouth that makes a sailor sound like your grandmother. I love road trips, not only for the excuse to eat Taco Bell but also because it’s the oasis of listening and reflection. A day where I embrace my imperfection is a day I'm winning. One of my super powers is that no topic is “off the table” and I LOVE to co-create. I want your TMI, I want the hard questions and I f**king love to talk about the pink elephants. Bring it on. Let’s be bold.  I’m ready to show up for you and with you.

I'm an ontologically trained coach through Accomplishment Coaching and DONA trained Doula. My background is in Theater and Video Production. I have had so many loves and wonderful experiences that enrich my service as a coach. From the stage, set, office and birthing room I've collected a myriad of awarenesses that led me to my love of coaching. 


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Let' start with a "hello". Our first call will be on the house. We will go over what you're looking to get out of coaching and have a short sample session to give you a taste of what our time together can produce. You're not here by accident, so  let's talk! 

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It all started when…

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